Thank Dr. Marilyn Goske Week!

8 July 2015

To: Representatives, The Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging

From: The SPR Board of Directors

Good morning. As many of you know, Dr. Marilyn Goske, the Founding President of the Alliance, stepped down on July 1 from her leadership role in the Image Gently Campaign.   

The Board of Directors of the Society for Pediatric Radiology marked this important passage by designating July 6 -10, 2015 as “Thank Marilyn Goske Week.” We now invite you and your organizations to join in our week-long celebration. Visit the SPR and Image Gently websites and Facebook Pages for a refresher on 8 years of Image Gently Campaign accomplishments. Share congratulations on Facebook, by posting on your own Society’s social media and/or by responding to this message.

Associations are successful when volunteers work together for the good of their professions, for their communities and for Society-at-large. By any measure, the Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging – the Image Gently Alliance – is a success, in large part because of YOUR collaborative spirit. 

But, to say we couldn’t have done it without Dr. Marilyn Goske is an understatement. The Image Gently campaign was her idea and she quite literally willed it into existence.  

So, thank you for your continued support of the Image Gently Campaign! We hope you will find a way this week to add your voice to our celebratory chorus.   

(The message below was sent to Dr. Goske last week to inform her of this event.)    

Dear Marilyn -

On the occasion of your retirement from the Image Gently leadership role, we want to congratulate you on your magnificent work with the Image Gently Campaign: from the kernel of the idea in 2006 to the powerful activist  organization we know today.    

To mark this important transition, the SPR Board has designated July 6 - 10 - Thank Marilyn Goske week. During this celebratory week, we invite you to visit the SPR and Image Gently websites, Facebook pages and twitter feeds for a review of the campaign’s achievements since its launch in January 2008. Since we know you, we know you will be glad that everyone involved in every campaign message will also be recognized in this celebration.   This is our opportunity both to thank you and to remind our audiences of the Alliance’s important resources for professionals and parents.  

Sit back and enjoy! And - thank you: your vision, creativity and energy raised the profile of pediatric radiology and improved the care of children all over the world.  

The SPR Board of Directors
Brian Douglas Coley, Chair
James Scott Donaldson, President
Peter Jackson Strouse, 1st Vice President
Diego Jaramillo, President-Elect
Taylor Chung, 2nd Vice President
Christopher Ian Cassady, Secretary
Michael James Callahan, Secretary-Elect
Molly E Dempsey, Treasurer
Stephen F Simoneaux, Treasurer-Elect
Kassa Darge           
Edward Y Lee         
Mary Beth McCarville            
Daniel J Podberesky               
Cynthia Karfias Rigsby           
Mary R Board Wyers             
Benjamin H Taragin, Web Editor
Richard Allen Barth, Past President
Donald Paul Frush, Past President and Image Gently Liaison
Sue Creviston Kaste, Past President
Maria-Gisela Mercado-Deane, AAP Liaison
Marta Hernanz-Schulman, ACR Commission
Robert C McKinstry, SCORCH Liaison
M Ines Boechat, WFPI Liaison

Cc: The Image Gently Steering Committee 

Jennifer K. Boylan
Executive Director, The Society for Pediatric Radiology
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Reston, VA 20191
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