Clinical PET/CT Atlas: A Casebook of Imaging in Oncology has been released

30 July 2015

Dear Colleagues,

In our pursuit to continuously support the Nuclear Medicine Community to strengthen the practice of the specialty, we work towards providing publications that are of relevance and freely accessible. In that connection I would like to inform you that the publication "Clinical PET/CT Atlas: A Casebook of Imaging in Oncology" has been released.

The Atlas is a result of a collaboration from renowned experts including:  Thomas Beyer (Germany), Zoltan Barta (Hungary),  Lutz S. Freudenberg (Germany ), Patrick  Veit-Haibach (Switzerland) as well as Diana Paez, Rodolfo, Nuñez-Miller and Noura El-Haj from the IAEA. It combines nearly one hundred comprehensive cases covering all major indications of FDG-PET/CT as well as some cases of clinically relevant special tracers. The cases provide an overview of what the specific disease can look like in PET/CT, the typical pattern of the disease's spread, as well as common pitfalls and teaching points.

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Language: English

IAEA Reference Number: STI/PUB/1680

Released on the Internet on: 2015-06-18

ISBN: 978-92-0-101115-2

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