ISRQSA Newsletter January 2016

28 February 2016

Message from the Editor

Invitation to contribute and circulate ISRQSA News

Attached is the January edition of ISRQSA News in a new mobile-friendly format. The newsletter is also available from the ISR website.

The contents are listed on a single page with embedded links. You can download ISRQSA News in you mobile device, select and read those articles of interest when convenient. The revised format facilitates dissemination and minimises duplication.

ISRQSA News is honoured to provide an inclusive platform to spread the voice of and share the ideas with stakeholders from different disciplines working on improvements in radiological quality and safety. The articles represent the opinions of the authors and not the International Society of Radiology unless specifically stated.

The articles are grouped into three sections: Quality Practice Guidance and Tools, Radiological Quality and Safety Campaigns, and Systembased Collaborations. Some examples include updates from IAEA, ICRP, WHO, AFROSAFE, Canada Safe Imaging, EuroSafe Imaging, Image Gently, Image Wisely, JAPANSAFE, and LATINSAFE Alliance; improvement actions from Ireland, Japan, Korea, and Turkey; and open access tools such as imaging guidelines and cancer staging, etc. We trust you will find the articles informative.

Thank you so much to the authors for your contributions. ISRQSA News is YOUR newsletter. The breadth and depth of the contents hinge on your on-going input. We look forward to receiving updates from you for the next edition in July. Kindly encourage other colleagues to contribute an article to a future edition.

You can help us by forwarding the newsletter to those interested. Organisations can help by 1) sending the newsletter to your members; 2) posting the newsletter on your website and 3) providing a link to the ISR site (

By working together, we maximise the distribution of the bulletin and the sharing of information, thus facilitating improvement actions in radiological quality and safety in different settings.

Our best wishes to your quality and safety projects in 2016.

Editor, ISRQSA News
Chair, International Commission on Radiological Quality and Safety

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