Malaysian Congress of Radiology 2014 (Day 1 of 3)

24 April 2014

Day I - 3 April 2014
By Dr.Sumithra Ranganathan
Malaysian Congress of Radiology was held on the 3rd to 5th April 2014 at the Putrajaya Marriot Hotel and Spa. The Congress incorporated the 2014 Annual Scientific Meeting and KSR-MCor Friendship symposium.
The pre-congress workshops were held on the 3rd and the actual scientific meeting on the 4th and 5th April 2014.
There was a dinner on the night of the 4th of April.
On the 5th, there were talks in the morning followed by the annual general meeting of the college of Radiology followed by election of the new council.
Subsequently the day continued with professorial lectures by professor BJJ Abdullah and Professor Ibrahim Lutfi Shuaib.
The congress ended on Saturday after the Inter University Radiology quiz and prize presentation.
These are the synopsis of the workshops and events of the days.
Day I – 3 April 2014
Pre congress 00 [300]Precongress Workshops comprised of cardiac imaging, interventional radiology, body imaging, musculoskeletal, paediatric, neuroradiology, breast and molecular imaging.
The annual scientific meeting comprised of cardiac and vascular imaging with all modalities incorporated.
Other than the precongress workshops and ASM, there were also teaching sessions, inter- university Radiology quiz and professorial lectures.
The chairperson in charge of each special interest group did a small write up on the days events.
Cardiac Imaging
By Associate Prof. Dr. Yang Faridah Abdul Aziz
The cardiac workshop had twenty-seven workstations available for the participants.
These workstations were provided by GE Healthcare (2 workstations), Philips Healthcare (10 workstations), Siemens Healthcare (5 workstations) and Toshiba (10 workstations). The workshop opened with a 15-minute presentation from GE Healthcare, Philips Healthcare, Siemens Healthcare and Toshiba respectively entitled “Technology Updates in Cardiac Imaging”.
The workstations were divided into CT and MRI stations which were pre-loaded with cardiac CTAs, conventional angiograms and cardiac MRI cases. These cases were further divided into Basic CTA (11 cases), Advanced CTA (22 cases), Basic MRI (11 cases) and Advanced MRI (30 cases). Booklets describing these cases were provided for the participants for easy reference.
Moderators for this workshop were Amran Abdul Rahman (KPJ AmpangPutri), Norzailin Abu Bakar (HUKM), Suzana Ab Hamid (UPM), Yang Faridah Abdul Aziz (UMMC) and Yusri Mohammad (Serdang Hospital). The workshop ended at 5.15pm.
A small number of these workstations (with the pre-loaded cases) were also transferred to the GE Healthcare, Philips Healthcare and Toshiba booths for the participants to view at their own leisure.
Molecular Imaging : Hands on workshop on PETCT 
By Prof Dr A J Nordin (MBBS) Universiti Putra Malaysia, Regional Coordinator for ASEA, Asean-European Academic University Network (ASEA-UNINET)

The workshop was divided into two sessions including highlights on selected topics and hands on session on PETCT workstation
The workshop was organized by The Centre for Diagnostic nuclear Imaging University Putra Malaysia and facilitated by 3 local experts from UPM , Loh Guan Lai and an Expert Mission from International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Senior Consultant in Nuclear Medicine Prof Dr Jan Pruim from The University Medical Centre Groningen , The Netherlands .
Highlights on techniques, role of PET-CT in breast cancer , oncology , infection and non FDG PETCT indications were delivered during the lecture session .
There were 5 workstations provided by Siemens for the hands on session .
Cases were uploaded from UPM and UMCG .
Prof Dr Jan Pruim gave a lecture on “The role of PETCT in cardiovascular imaging” during a lunch symposium.
By Prof Dr Norlisah Ramli
The pre-congress session in Neuroradiology had sessions on Neurological Emergency and was interestingly divided into first half of the evening for pediatric cases and later half on the adult cases. Expert panels from the various teaching Universities, general hospital and private hospital gave the talks, creating a healthy mix of informative and educational program.
The program started with a talk from Assoc Professor Dr Rohaizan from International Medical University on hydrocephalus in pediatric population. Dr Rohaizan gave an overall view of hydrocephalus being a complex physiological disease rather then just simple mechanical obstruction. She highlights the limitation of imaging in differentiating acute and chronic hydrocephalus. Several imaging sequences were discussed and highlighted.
Dr Noryati from the Institute of Pediatric Hospital Kuala Lumpur was the next speaker and she shared her expertise on head trauma in the pediatric group. Her talk gave an interesting insight on non-accidental injury (NAI) in the local context and the importance of exercising restrain on diagnosing NAI on imaging alone.
Assoc Prof Dr Kartini Rahmat from University Malaya Medical gave a very interactive talk on acute infarcts and neurotoxicity in children. She obtained a lot of audience participations from the various cases presented.
The later half of the evening, Assoc Prof Khairul Azmi from University Malaya proceeded with talk on acute infarcts and salient point to management for adult’s patients. His talks were made exciting by several video presentations of procedures being done in treatment of stroke.
Professor Dr Norlisah, from UM then gave her talk on intracranial hemorrhage (ICH). She accented the importance of classification and causative factors of intracranial hemorrhage. Guidelines with regards to imaging of ICH were highlighted.
The evening was concluded by Dr Alex Tang’s talk on the Role of Imaging department in therapeutic options. Dr Alex shared his experience and challenges as an interventional neuroradiologist in this country.
The session was well received with a full room of participants. The neuro SIG was happy to contribute to continuous medical education for the College of Radiology Malaysia.
Paediatric Radiology
By Dr. Zaleha Abdul Manaf
Children are not small adults…Children bounce, adults break….These taglines kept popping up in the lectures given in the Paediatric Imaging session. This shows the importance of radiologists knowing the differences in anatomy and pathophysiology between children and adults to give a comprehensive and accurate report.
The Pre-congress Paediatric Imaging was held in the morning session with 6 lectures and was very well attended….full-house attendance!!! The theme was emergency paediatric radiology with focus on trauma. The speakers covered topics from basic to advance and current issues. Radiation risk and ALARA principle were the call of the day.
Kudos to all speakers for sharing their knowledge and the participants for their keenness and interests in paediatric radiology with the interest of giving the best service to our precious ASSET…the future generation!!!
Breast Imaging Workshop
By Dr ShantiniArasaratnam
The Breast group was given half a day session for the pre congress which was divided into 2 sessions.
Our first session was a presentation of MRI Breast Biopsy : Hospital Selayang experience .
Dr Premila Kanagasabai and DrVijayalakshmi Krishnapillai were the moderators for this session.
Hospital Selayang is the first hospital in the Ministry of Health to have an MR system with a MR Breast Biopsy accessory. Being the pioneer , we felt it would be interesting as well as a good idea to share our experience with our other fellow radiologists.
It was an interesting learning curve for all of us involved in this session.
Dr Premila gave a lecture followed by a video presentation on the accessories for MR Breast biopsy.
This was followed by a video presentation on MR Breast biopsy on a patient.
The second session was : Interesting Film Viewing session by Dr Rizuana Iqbal Hussein
The participants who attended this session found the sessions very interesting and informative. It was indeed a fruitful precongress session.
Oral Paper Presentation
By Assoc. Prof. Dr. Azian Abd. Aziz- Coordinator Free Papers
A total of 11 papers were presented comprising of various topics which were equally interesting and some were fascinating. Majority of the papers came from the local universities who have candidates doing Radiology training while the only paper from Ministry of Health came from Sarawak General Hospital.
The presentations were judged by distinguished panels of judges which include:
1. Dr. Tony Loke (Consultant Radiologist, Hong Kong)
2. Dr. PuaUei (Consultant Radiologist, Singapore)
3. Dr. Lawrence Quek (Consultant Radiologist, Singapore)
4. Dr. Fatimah Yakin (Consultant Radiologist, Tawakal Hospital)
5. Dr. Abdul Rahman Mohamad (President, College of Radiology Malaysia)
At the end of the session, the judges concluded that the quality of the papers presented were good. The winners of the best Oral Paper presentation will only be announced on the last day of the Congress.
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