COR Newsletter Issue 6 – Dec 2021

Posted on 6 January 2022

Editor’s Note (Prof Dr. Norlisah Mohd Ramli)

Assalamualaikum and a Good Day to my colleagues.

It is sad and alarming that several parts of Malaysia face challenging times with the floods and unrelenting Covid-19. This situation remains to be a testing period in our lives. Still, we shall continue to observe all SOPs in place and do our best in our ways besides staying mentally strong as a whole radiology fraternity to continue rendering our utmost expertise and as individuals to keep ourselves safe. We shall keep the faith and continue to hope and pray for days free of Covid-19.

We now come to our current Issue 6 – Dec 2021, of the CoR Newsletter.

This issue brings you updates on CoR’s recent “Webinar in Hybrid Imaging: Clinical Application” that was held on 4 Dec 2021, “East Coast State Challenges During Covid Era,” “Structure and Governance of Specialist Training to Attain and Maintain MMC Standards” and “Accreditation and Recognition Process for Specialty Training Programmes in Malaysia.”

Please download CoR Newsletter Issue 6 – Dec 2021 below…

CoR Newsletter Issue 6 – Dec 2021 (English – pdf – 1605 Kb)